When To Call Commercial Pressure Washing Experts?

When to Call Commercial Pressure Washing Experts?

It’s essential to keep your property clean and to look its best. It is especially true for South Florida businesses, as a clean and well-maintained property can give customers a good impression. One way to keep your property clean is by pressure washing it regularly.
But how regularly should you pressure wash your commercial building? This blog will explain the factors that you should consider when deciding how often to pressure wash your commercial property.

1. Type of Business

Commercial businesses come in all types and sizes. There are many different types of businesses in South Florida:

Retail stores
Office buildings
Condos and HOA’s

For example, warehouses and manufacturing plants will need more frequent pressure cleaning services than an office building. The frequency of pressure washing also depends on the type of business. A restaurant must be pressure washed more often than a clothing store.

2. Location of the Building

The climate in South Florida is very harsh on buildings. The heat and humidity in the area take their toll on paint, stucco, wood, metal, and just about any other building material you can think of.
If your property is in an especially hot or humid area, you will need to hire commercial pressure cleaning services more often.
The same goes for buildings located in coastal areas. Saltwater and sand can damage building exteriors and should be removed regularly.

3. The Type of Materials Used in the Construction of the Building

Concrete, stone, and brick are just a few of the materials that can make up the exterior of a commercial building. Each type of material requires extra care when it comes to pressure washing. For example, concrete is a very porous material and can easily be damaged by high-pressure water jets. That’s why choosing a pressure washing company that offers concrete cleaning and sealing services is essential.
Brick is another material that should be cleaned with care. Bricks are much more fragile than concrete and can easily be chipped or cracked by high-pressure water. A brick cleaning company will use a lower pressure setting when cleaning brick surfaces and special cleaners designed to protect the bricks.

4. Your Employees Are Frequently Sick

If your employees constantly get sick, it might be time to give your commercial space a good pressure washing. Recent research by the University of Arizona found that pressure washing can remove up to 98% of harmful bacteria from surfaces.
So, if you’re seeing an increase in employee sick days, it might be time to give your building a good pressure cleaning.

5. The Level of Dirt and Dust on the Property

Office buildings accumulate dirt on windows, roofs, and sides of the building. Constant foot traffic in and out of the building also attracts a lot of dirt. If your business is located near a construction site, your property will likely have more dirt than other businesses. These factors should be considered when deciding how often to pressure wash your commercial property.

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