04 Jun 2020

Graffiti Removal Services
A&D Pressure Cleaning and Soft Washing Services offers facade Cleaning, and Graffiti Removal Services with non-toxic, water-soluble cleaning agents. Building and retail owners can rest assure their property will look like no trace of graffiti was ever sprayed in the first place. Using the proper techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning products, we get rid of graffiti on n...

24 Apr 2020

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Benefits
There are several benefits of soft wash roof cleaning that we can talk about, and the list won’t end. But, to provide you with an idea of why you should consider this type of cleaning service, we have outlined some of the main benefits below: 4 Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Advantages Performs a Deep Clean One of the main advantages of getting your roof cleaned through the soft wash i...

13 Apr 2019

High Pressure Cleaning Your Concrete Driveway
Concrete is a commonly used as a driveway material that many homes share in common. Concrete is a resistant material as it can endure about anything; however, to keep it looking good, it requires a power cleaning maintenance. To maintain your driveway looking great all year long here are some tips to follow! Concrete is porous as is made out of small gravel, cement mix, and sand. The ...
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