Pressure Washing And Roof Cleaning

Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Works Wonders

Roof cleaning is a foreign idea among many homeowners, and in the long run, this overlook can cost them money and even health. So to help you understand why you need a roof cleaning service and how it can work wonders for you home, we have outlined some of its main benefits below:

Here’s How Roof Cleaning Benefits You

Helps You Save Energy

Have you noticed that in dark-colored vehicles, the heat is absorbed in more quantity than in light-colored cars? Well, the same is for your home! If the roof is covered with dark-colored stains, fungus, debris, mildew, and other gunk, it will absorb more heat.

This means your AC will have to produce more cooling resulting in higher energy costs. Cleaning the roof will bring its original light color back and, ultimately, save energy costs.

Prevents Gutter Clogging

If your roof is infested with fungus, debris, and mildew, it will soon reach your gutter and start clogging it. This means the flooding of water in the rain will cause it to reach the foundations and landscaping of your home, causing severe damage in the long run.

But with proper roof cleaning, you can prevent all that from happening; the thorough pressure wash will remove even the toughest debris, allowing the water to flow in the gutters smoothly.

It is Safer

Climbing the roof is pretty risky when it is covered in greasy mildew and debris. Even with proper safety gear, you can slip and fall from the roof, getting seriously injured. Plus, if you try to clean it on your own, you are at a bigger risk of falling because of the slippery cleaning agents involved.

Therefore, with routine roof cleaning service, the surface of your home’s roof will stay in top-notch condition with no risk of slippage so you can easily climb it whenever you want.

Prevents Infestations

The infestation of mold and algae can spread through the roof and into the other parts of your home, especially the attic, which means it can interfere with your air condition system. Once it makes its place in it, the air you breathe inside the home will be filled with pollutants and bacteria, causing allergies and even serious respiratory issues. Cleaning the roof regularly will prevent it as well.

A & D Pressure Cleaning

Roofs are among the most neglected parts of any home, which means it can get pretty damaged and dirty in the long run, and the folks at the HOA office won’t like it either. Taking good care of your property is a must and in the long run will benefit the increase value of your home. Call us today for an estimate at 954-980-0454

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