High Pressure Cleaning Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway High Pressure Cleaning

Concrete is a commonly used as a driveway material that many homes share in common. Concrete is a resistant material as it can endure about anything; however, to keep it looking good, it requires a power cleaning maintenance. To maintain your driveway looking great all year long here are some tips to follow!

Concrete is porous as is made out of small gravel, cement mix, and sand. The surface eventually is going to get dirty as the tiny hole are easy to accumulate dirt, oil, mold, and bacteria.

Over time this dirt, mildew, and bacteria is a natural process as the driveway is exposed to the outdoor elements. Common results when homeowners have tried to clean it themselves are traces of clean and dirt marks all over the driveway. That’s the result of an uneven control of the spray gun in addition to a lack of a proper powerful equipment. If you are familiar with this happening to you, then it’s time to call A & D Pressure Washing and Cleaning.

As you can see, having a clean driveway is a must! The key to maintaining your concrete driveway is to power washed it on a regular basis. Pressure cleaning will remove stains of mold and mildew from all the surface and façade of your home if you decide to add that service as well. People often come to us because they have tried it themselves, but without special equipment, you may find frustration ahead of you because the marks on your driveway simply won’t come out that easily.

A professional concrete restoration can leave your driveway in like-new condition. Using a unique process, the experts at A & D Pressure Cleaning can get your concrete cleaner than ever. We have the latest commercial grade power washing equipment with a rotary head for a deep cleaning.

After the pressure cleaning service, we also provide a sealant as an additional service. A sealant can make driveway looking great after years to come. Once your driveway its perfectly cleaned, sealing it, it’s going to make the big difference in your home appearance.

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